Darromar: It’s Like the Calimaronn of Ithmong

In case you haven’t guessed it this city has multiple former names. There are reasons provided in the lore for this, but it ends up making it a bit confusing when you are looking it up in some of the older books. It should not be confused with the Ithmong of Lapaliiya. Review of SourcesContinue reading “Darromar: It’s Like the Calimaronn of Ithmong”

Velen: Tethyr’s Bad Breakup

Most people have probably never heard of Velen. It’s not a city that has gotten a lot of attention over the years. Even still I thought I’d take the time to go through and examine the city. Review of Sources Your best sources for this city are Lands of Intrigue and the 4th Edition ForgottenContinue reading “Velen: Tethyr’s Bad Breakup”

Saradush: A City Under Siege

If there were ever a city that can’t catch a break in the Forgotten Realms it would have to be Saradush. For the last 100 years it’s the city that has seemingly been constantly either under siege or caught up in a civil war. Review of Sources Lands of Intrigue and the 4th edition campaignContinue reading “Saradush: A City Under Siege”

Zazesspur: The Other Former Capital of Tethyr

The title of this is in reference to the fact that I’m not sure what the functional difference is between an old bureaucratic centre for a nation’s royalty (Saradush) and it’s former capital (Zazesspur). These seem so similar in terms of their roles. Especially given that it is a monarchy and it has been forContinue reading “Zazesspur: The Other Former Capital of Tethyr”