Friendly Arm Inn: The Friendliest Inn!

Review of Sources There really are only three sources for this. You’ve got the Baldur’s Gate 1 video game, which is where I think most people would know it from, and then you’ve got both Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast and the 2nd edition campaign setting. The video game actually does a much moreContinue reading “Friendly Arm Inn: The Friendliest Inn!”

Ulgoth’s Beard: More Than Just a Pirate Beacon

Review of Sources Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast is really the definitive source for knowing about this small town. Most of what it has to say is going to be discussed here. There is also the Baldur’s Gate video game (and specifically its Tales of the Sword Coast expansion), which at times conflicts withContinue reading “Ulgoth’s Beard: More Than Just a Pirate Beacon”

Durlag’s Tower: The Fortress of Doom

Review of Sources Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast is the most significant source of information on this tower. Along of course with the Baldur’s Gate video game (and specifically its expansion Tales of the Sword Coast), though the 3rd edition campaign setting does briefly mention it. Update: After writing this, I learned that theContinue reading “Durlag’s Tower: The Fortress of Doom”

Beregost: From Mage Village to City

Anyone who has ever played Baldur’s Gate 1 will likely have taken a step into Beregost. This small town on the Coast Way plays a central role in the game as a place for any party to sell goods, buy magic items, and recruit non-player characters. Review of Sources Most people who decide to haveContinue reading “Beregost: From Mage Village to City”

Phandalin: Your First Taste of DMing a Town

I’m sure that many people’s first experience in 5th edition was running through Lost Mines of Phandelver. Not only is the module pretty affordable, coming in as cheap as $13 USD on sale, but as adventures go, it’s also not nearly as intimidating as starting in a place like Waterdeep. Review of Sources There areContinue reading “Phandalin: Your First Taste of DMing a Town”

Candlekeep: Making Libraries Fun

The Fortress of Candlekeep is perhaps best known by a lot of people as being the starting point of Baldur’s Gate 1. Yet in that game (including in the 6th chapter of that game when you return) what you experience is only a small morsel of what has been written about it. Review of theContinue reading “Candlekeep: Making Libraries Fun”

The Sewers of Baldur’s Gate

Many a wary traveller through Baldur’s Gate has asked themselves “what doth live beneath this fair city?” and “Where doth it’s sewers go?” The even more enlightened have questioned “who built and maintains these sewers?” Today I provide answers to these burning questions (while not covering my overuse and misuse of the word doth) asContinue reading “The Sewers of Baldur’s Gate”

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How did Waterdeep’s population explode from 132,000 in 1372 DR to 2 million in only about 120 years?

The obvious answer is because Wizards of the Coast wanted it that way, but within this fictional world what could have caused this massive population increase? Let’s explore. Greater access to magic and food? If anything in earlier editions magic was even more powerful, and knowledge of making magic items (for things like creating food) wasContinue reading “How did Waterdeep’s population explode from 132,000 in 1372 DR to 2 million in only about 120 years?”