Friendly Arm Inn: The Friendliest Inn!

Review of Sources There really are only three sources for this. You’ve got the Baldur’s Gate 1 video game, which is where I think most people would know it from, and then you’ve got both Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast and the 2nd edition campaign setting. The video game actually does a much moreContinue reading “Friendly Arm Inn: The Friendliest Inn!”

Durlag’s Tower: The Fortress of Doom

Review of Sources Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast is the most significant source of information on this tower. Along of course with the Baldur’s Gate video game (and specifically its expansion Tales of the Sword Coast), though the 3rd edition campaign setting does briefly mention it. Update: After writing this, I learned that theContinue reading “Durlag’s Tower: The Fortress of Doom”

Candlekeep: Making Libraries Fun

The Fortress of Candlekeep is perhaps best known by a lot of people as being the starting point of Baldur’s Gate 1. Yet in that game (including in the 6th chapter of that game when you return) what you experience is only a small morsel of what has been written about it. Review of theContinue reading “Candlekeep: Making Libraries Fun”