Luskan: Pirate Accents Are Welcome

I’m not sure there is any city in the Forgotten Realms setting that has changed as much as Luskan has. Perhaps Baldur’s Gate, which they’ve most recently decided, needs to be a gritty Gotham like place for some reason, but Luskan has probably changed even more than it. Because of this, the first place youContinue reading “Luskan: Pirate Accents Are Welcome”

Gullykin: A Halfling? Gnome? Human? Village

Review of Sources Surprisingly, Gullykin only makes it into two official sources. I wish more had been written about this small little halfling village. So often on the Sword Coast we see human settlements (or at least settlements found by humans). It’s so rare and such a treat to see somewhere not founded by humans.Continue reading “Gullykin: A Halfling? Gnome? Human? Village”

Ulgoth’s Beard: More Than Just a Pirate Beacon

Review of Sources Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast is really the definitive source for knowing about this small town. Most of what it has to say is going to be discussed here. There is also the Baldur’s Gate video game (and specifically its Tales of the Sword Coast expansion), which at times conflicts withContinue reading “Ulgoth’s Beard: More Than Just a Pirate Beacon”

Durlag’s Tower: The Fortress of Doom

Review of Sources Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast is the most significant source of information on this tower. Along of course with the Baldur’s Gate video game (and specifically its expansion Tales of the Sword Coast), though the 3rd edition campaign setting does briefly mention it. Update: After writing this, I learned that theContinue reading “Durlag’s Tower: The Fortress of Doom”